About Vegedan

Vegedan is aiming to expand and increase the range and quality of choice of vegan products available everywhere to people all over the Nordic countries.

As advances in production methods and technology is gaining pace, so is the ingenuity and innovation of the people who put them to use.

We are working with businesses the world over to provide their products to people in the Nordic countries, vegans and non-vegans alike.
We are working b2b (business-to-business) by importing our products from leading vegan brands around the globe, and work with Nordic retailers, restaurants and businesses to provide to consumers.

The variety and quality of vegan products in particular has been making strides in recent years, while catching the attention and increasing desire from consumers.

The Nordic countries have been facing a particular challenge as the vegan goods and lifestyle have been picking up; The demand, in both range and scope, easily dwarfs the production.

The curiosity and desire is rapidly growing among an ever-larger number of people, and we want to make sure they get to share the excitement.